Parenthood: Kristina Is Still Alive, So Far

parenthood_season_4_episode_11_220x124 Oh my God. I just watched my DVR’d episode of Parenthood from Monday Parenthood NBC . I knew it was going to be a tearjerker because of the previews last week. But, boy did they get in a couple of real gut punches in this episode. I’ll start with Kristina, because, as she should have, she dominated the story. When she told Adam in the hospital that she had made videos for the kids and to make sure they saw them, I really thought they might kill her off. I so do not want any of them to die, but my writer side has to admit that a storyline with Adam as a widower would be something Parenthood would and could tackle head on and with only the grace and dignity they could write. And, when Adam watched those videos as she lay there unconscious, and then begged God not to take her, I bawled my fricking eyes out like a baby. When she pulled through and everyone came to visit, it was just beautiful. I swear if I could have been born into that family, I’d take it in a minute. They are everything we all wish our families could be, but don’t ever quite match up to. But, that’s not thrown in your face on the show. It’s a more nostalgic and wistful want, like you wish you could have been part of the family, but it doesn’t make you mad at your own for not being like them. Hell, I don’t measure up as the kind of sister, daughter, and wife they portray, so why should I think my family would. But, it makes me want to be like the women on the show, flaws and all, and I think that’s the pleasure in watching the show. It somehow, without being preachy or overly moralistic, makes you want to be a better person.

Before I end, I have to also point out the second smaller gut punch and how proud it made me of Amber. She has struggled to become the awesome and proud woman she is. And, she proved she was not ever going backwards by explaining to Ryan that even though she loved him, she was not going down the same path as her mother and trying to “save” or “fix” someone at the expense of her hard won happiness. I was as proud as a mother who realizes her own daughter has learned from the mistakes of her elders, and has chosen to carve out a better path for herself, even if it means tough choices and heartbreak to get there.

This is one big beautiful show, and the most uniquely scripted one on television. It is so unique that it will always be part of pop culture history in a way that very few series ever are.


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